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Did you know that the most requested item other than food in shelters and pantries nationwide are feminine hygiene products?

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Who does it benefit?

It benefits women and girls who are at risk from homelessness and/or low income.

What we know...

Over 40 million people receive SNAP benefits each year. Roughly 50% are female and roughly 60% of those females are of menstruating age. This equates to approximately 12 million women and girls in need of donated feminine hygiene products.

There are thousands of shelters across the country. If a shelter houses 100 women, they need 100 packages of feminine hygiene products each month.

The average price of a package of feminine hygiene products is $8. It costs a shelter approximately $800 per month to supply feminine hygiene products to women and girls.

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Who can help? Anyone can!

     Middle School and High School students looking for community service projects.

     Girl Scout Troops and Boy Scout Troops

     Sororities and Fraternities

     Nurses and Doctors

     Women’s Groups and Men’s groups

     Yoga Studios & Gyms

     Businesses, large and small

     Any good Samaritan on the planet!

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