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Other Rock & Wrap It Up! Programs


Music - 160 bands that tour and include a stipulation in their contract requiring that food that is prepared but not served not go into landfill. 


Tactics:   We meet with Band management and they are encouraged to both green their tour and put RWU in their contract language.



Schools - Since 1997, over 200 schools nation-wide have started Rock and Wrap it Up! School and Snack Wrap! Programs to empower administration and students to recover food and other assets from their schools. 


Tactics: We identify and vet agencies that are in the position to recover food and assets. Increase food recovery potential by introduction of the Whole Earth Calculator and lesson plans.


Sports - 72 sports franchises in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MSL have partnered with Rock and Wrap It Up! to participate in Sports Wrap! Food that is prepared but not sold from home games concessions is recovered to feed the indigent.  We work with Delaware North, Centerplate. Aramark and Levy Concessionaire. The NHL has all of their teams participate. 


Tactics:   We meet with the Stadium/arena Concessionaire and VP/Director of Community Relations for the Sports Franchise arranging recovery logistics. 


Entertainment - We work with the film and television industry to green their locations by food recovery. 90 productions have used our services, mainly in LA and NY.


Tactics - We determine if we have the minimum amount of food made available to us at the locations where the projects are being filmed and partner them with local agencies to recover the food.  We put freezers in spaces near kitchen.


Hotel Wrap! - The Marriott, Sofitel, Grand Hyatt and Langham hotel chains are partnering to donate toilet paper, tissue boxes, shampoo, conditioner and unopened soaps to keep them out of landfill. 


Tactics - We identify those Hotels wanting to further green their properties and partner them with local agencies. '


Advocacy - RWU wrote the Federal Food Donation Act of 2008 (Pul. L. 110-247 122 Stat. 2314(2008) The Act encourages federal buildings to donate food from their restaurants, cafeterias and from outside rentals to feed our nation’s hungry. We launched in late July 2011. The Hungerpedia web destination is a North American compilation of anti-poverty/hunger agencies vetted by RWU to be donated to. RWU launched its Whole Earth Calculator and lesson plans to help teach the next generation about asset recovery planetary pollution prevention. 

Tactics:  Agencies that are listed are vetted by Rock and Wrap It Up! must have health certification or safe food handling certification, transportation, refrigeration, cell phones, storage and either have or support on-going anti-poverty/hunger programs


Hospitals - Starting in Yale New Haven Medical Center, Hospital Wrap! has expanded to 4 hospitals. Food recovery is coordinated by anti-poverty agencies. Started in New Haven CT, it has expanded to Dallas, TX with dozens of new hospital to come on board this year.

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