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Rock and Wrap it Up!


Now in its 29th year, Rock and Wrap it Up! (RWU) is an award-winning anti-poverty think tank. We research, discover and nurture potential sources willing to share renewable assets. Our donors include touring bands, educational institutions, the hospitality industry, professional sports teams, hospitals and TV/film shoots throughout North America.


We find and vet partner agencies that need and can share these resources with the poor. We encourage the use of the Whole Earth Calculator mobile application to access total pounds of food conversion to meals and greenhouse gas emission reduction which can be sent to social media sites. We strive to inspire our school partners to add Whole Earth Calculator Lesson plans to their academic studies, thereby enabling students to connect their actions to the reduction of poverty and carbon footprints.


All of our partners are protected by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act (Pub. L. No 104-210, 110 Stat. 3011(1996) as long as safe food handling is used. Through RWU, more than one billion meals have been recovered since 1991.


Recognized by the White House with a Point of Light Award and recipients of numerous EPA distinctions, we strive to re-earn these honors every day.

Learn more about our free mobile sustainability tool to help you identify the impact you can make, and how you can share it socially.

School Lesson Plans

Calling all educators.  RWU sustainability lesson plans for grades 6-12 are available for you to use in your classes.  Learn more.

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