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What is Hannah’s Project?

Hannah’s Project is an initiative introduced by Rock and Wrap it Up! (RWU) in 2015, which addresses the need for awareness and the collection and donation of feminine hygiene products to agencies and shelters across the nation.

Why is this initiative necessary?

There are NO state or federal assistance programs for the purchase or distribution of feminine hygiene products

     ● Almost every woman menstruates, which creates the need for feminine hygiene products.

     ● Homeless women and girls are forced to use improper and often unsanitary objects to manage their menses.

     ● Feminine hygiene products are the most requested non-food items sought out by shelters and food pantries.

     ● Women and girls receiving SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) & WIC (Women, Infants, Children) benefits as a          result of their low income status are NOT permitted to purchase feminine hygiene products with these benefits as these products            are considered to be luxury goods.

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Why is this initiative named Hannah’s Project?

Hannah is a biblical character who was barren. In those times, the value of a woman was enhanced by her ability to have children. After much prayer and devotion, Hannah gave birth to a son which restored her dignity and self assurance.

It is our hope that distribution of feminine hygiene products through Hannah’s Project will restore dignity and self assurance to at risk women and girls across the nation.

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